AccEasy Enhancement

Enhancement 2002 – 2005
1. Security level further enhanced so now user has rights to add, delete, search, approve and print
2. Document status  such as PENDING, APPROVED, POSTED etc so that administrator and approve document created by user

Enhancement 2002
1. Module level security so that user can view module assign to them

Enhancement 2001
1. Automatic balance carry forward feature added

Enhancements in year 2000
1. Release patches for Y2k
2. Purchase Costing for import to calculate, add expenses and taxes in purchase costing
3. Shifted our based from UAE to India [Thane]

Enhancements in year 1999
1. Sales Quotation
2. Sales Order
3. Sales Consignment[Approval Sales]
4. Purchase Requisition
5. Purchase Order
6. Goods Receipt Note
7. Purchase Invoice