Acceasy Implementation

Implementation is a cooperative, hands-on project, jointly managed by a Raj Information Systems Consulting team and you. The core implementation team consists of experts who have worked several years with different technical aspects of the Applications, as well as functional experience. If you have specific requirements – such as the need for customized business processes, complex workflows, implementation of Acceasy advanced modules, integration with other applications, or data conversion issues our implementation methodology is right for you.

Acceasy implementation methodology is as follows:

Implementation Roadmap: Expert Raj Information Systems consultants get to know your business comprehensively and develop an implementation roadmap.

Team Formation: A team of dedicated Raj Information Systems consultants and your internal project key executives works closely making sure your business objectives are met and delivering everything you need to achieve success.

Business Requirements Document (BRD):

Each implementation begins with the development of a BRD that:

  1. Ensures your requirements are fully understood prior to configuration.
  2. Outlines your key business processes, determines how closely they map to Acceasy functionality, and addresses any differences.
  3. Serves as a blueprint for ensuring that Acceasy is configured to meet your needs.
  4. Strategic Planning: Strategic discussions and meetings make sure all your business processes are accurately reflected in the Acceasy Implementation.
  5. Reviews: Throughout the entire implementation, the Implementation team takes feedback from the users on to ensure smooth transition to Acceasy Solutions.

Acceasy Implementation Phases

Each Phase consists of the following features :

  1. Task based milestones.
  2. Roles and responsibilities of team.
  3. Suggest best practices.
  4. Test and Evaluate.
  5. Deliverable acceptance and acknowledgment.