Effectively using digital media

Overall, retailers aren’t able to leverage Internet and Mobile as branding as well as customer acquisition medium as they look at online sales and in-store sales as two different worlds. Retailers typically consider their online presence as a means to overcome the physical limitations of offline promotions, particularly catalog and newspaper inserts, not as an integrated channel.

Provide complete experience to consumers across digital channels

Retailers do not feature all the products available in stores online, and this presents a cut off to the customers, as they are not able to find the products that they are looking for. Moreover, consistent product information across all channels of marketing is not available, and the customers don’t get all the information about a product like images, product features, and hence influencing purchase capabilities which are required to drive sales using digital channels.

Managing technology is not a retailer’s expertise & moreover it is expensive

Technology is often a capital intensive department and retailers are often weary of getting into an area which they are not experts in. It is important for retailers to be able to acquire and manage technology without requiring technical expertise or huge investments.

Showcase products and offers effectively

Consumers want to know of all the products and offers available from a retailer. They also want to be able to quickly find the product or offer that they are interested in. So product discovery and showcasing is a critical challenge for most retailers.

Expensive & Difficult to manage Payment systems & logistics

Getting a flexible payment solution and logistics solution for a retailers’ digital commerce requirements is a complex job. It is hard to find affordable and reliable solutions that will take care of such core requirements such as payment and shipping.

A consumer lost online, is a consumer lost

Many retailers view online and offline retail sales as different domains. The reality is that a customer who is looking for you and does not find you or finds a competitor or gets a not-so-good impression about you on the Internet might choose not to do business with you.