Customer Relation Management

Acceasy provides a full suite of tools for managing the sales process, from powerful sales force automation, marketing automation, customer support and service, flexible customization and more. By drawing upon is various modules, Acceasy provides Customer Relationship Management systems used by corporations to establish strategies, manage day-to-day communication, and organize the sales/service effort. The Acceasy Sales and CRM system can take many forms, depending on the specific requirements.

Customer Module
This module establishes a master list of Customers, including various Ship To and Bill To addresses, and maintains all customer-related data. A basic requirement for most systems.

Opportunity Tracking
The Opportunity Tracking Module is an essential tool for a Sales Department to manage and track their sales opportunities. Each Opportunity is identified with a Customer, Description, Salesperson, Amount, Expected Close, and so on. This is the primary module a sales department uses to organize its day to day leads.

Contract Tracking
This module provides a central place to store and track contracts with outside third parties, such as equipment providers, software maintenance, and so on. Automatic notification and reports when contracts expire and/or require renewal.

Quote Tracking
This module provides a mechanism for creating, printing, and tracking RFQs and Quotes.

Order Entry & Tracking
The Order Tracking module is used to enter, track, and fulfill customer orders. Key data is stored for each order, such as Customer, Due Date, Part Numbers and Quantities. Also provides links to Job Tracking and Inventory in order to monitor the detailed status of an order.

Standard Price Module
Provides the ability to setup standard, cross-customer pricing based on quantity break levels and other parameters.

Revenue Reporting
Provides various reports for analyzing and tracking revenue.

Customer Sales Forecast

Allows forecast data to be stored by period, and comparisons made between snapshot versions of the forecast. Maintains Initial Sales and Manufacturing versions of the forecast and displays data by sales amount or manufacturing quantity respectively.

Customer Satisfaction Overview
This module provides an overview of Customer Satisfaction. Each Customer is displayed with a color-coded Customer Satisfaction Level, Status Note, Account Manager Name, and so on. This module will be augmented with the Customer Satisfaction Survey system (in development).

Online Order Inquiry

This module allows customers to login to the system and view the real-time status of orders.

Customer Assignment
Assign employees to customer responsibility.

Field Service
This module is used to track Field Service calls to customer locations. Service records include Service Date, Technician, Machine Serial No, Problem/Complaint Description, Resolution and all other pertinent Data. Also tracks Spare Parts used and warranty status.

Commissions Tracking
The Commission Tracking system provides a framework for setting up a Commission structure for sales people. The system automatically looks up, calculates and records commission. Reports show the amount of commissions owed based on payment status of the customer invoice.

Competitor Database
This is a database of competitor intelligence, including a list of competitors, markets, personnel, capacity, strengths/weaknesses, and other marketing facts.

Special Price Request

A module, integrated into the CRM system, for tracking customer requests for special pricing.

Sales Force Coordination

This module provides the ability to track and coordinate the activities of a sales force.