Excise for Manufacturers (CENVAT)

Excise for Manufacturers (CENVAT)

The Acceasy excise support allows you to maintain required central excise records for multiple excise units of Traders & Manufactures in a single company.

Ad valorem, Ad Quantum & MRP based Valuation methods for Excise duty calculation are fully supported, including for exempt & special rates.

Expenses / income can be apportioned for calculation of assessable value either by Value or by Quantity.

A single Excise invoice book can be maintained for all purposes of removals as per rule 11 requirement and an option is provided to maintain multiple Excise invoice books as well – the serial numbers of which can be generated as a single running series.

CEVAT credit during purchase entry can be avail fully or partially with the balance credit taken in a separate entry.

Service tax & CENVAT input credit can be utilized towards Excise duty payable.

These Excise Manufacturing Reports are available:
• Personal Ledger Account (PLA)
• ER1 – Monthly Return
• GAR 7
• CENVAT Credit on / Capital Goods Availed / Utilized Account
• Record of CENVAT Credit Allowable on Capital Goods (RG23 C Part II)
• Quantitative Account of Capital Goods on which CENVAT Credit Availed (RG23 C)
• CENVAT Credit on Inputs availed / Utilised Account
• Records of CENVAT Credit Allowable on Inputs (RG23 A PartII)
• Quantitative Account of Inputs on which CENVAT Credit Availed (RG23 A)
• Rule 11 Invoice
• Daily Stock Account (RG 1 Register)
• Sales Register