E-Commerce Features

List of features

Raj Infosys offers a comprehensive and complete set of features to build & manage your online store as well as to influence consumers, promote your products & increase sales. With over 400 unique features spread across the storefront management, catalog management, promotions, integration with payment gateways, shipping management, taxation, order management, getting traffic, SEO, integration with Google AdWords & other affiliate channels, product discovery, cross sell, up-sell etc., Raj Infosys offers one of the most comprehensive digital commerce solutions available for retailers, manufacturers, marketplaces & deal sites.

Manage your digital catalog

Catalog management provides a centralized product catalog that contains product descriptions, multimedia displays, pricing, and associated literature. Raj Infosys has an in-built repository called “Product Bank”, which has ready to use information for thousands of products to accelerate your online catalog creation process. You can easily manage categories, attributes, variants, inventory etc. and add products to your online catalog. Routine operations like adding or editing product information, changing prices and add/edit product attributes can be easily managed through ready to use bulk management tools.

Product discovery – Navigation, Search, Cross-Sell, Up-Sell etc.

The discovery of products through your online catalog is the key to great consumer experience. The online store has to have the navigation which is intuitive and should get itself refined on each user selection or step. Raj Infosys helps you in creating a navigation which speeds the discovery of the products and also provides capabilities such as attribute based refined search, cross-sell, up-sell, recently viewed products etc. to enable great product discovery experience for your consumers

Rich Shopping Experience – Zoom images, Videos etc.

Providing enhanced product information makes it easy for shoppers to become buyers. The richer presentation of the product through effective utilization of media elements like photographs, digital zooms, video, 360 rotations can create an experience richer and stronger than the touch and feel. This obviously will result in to the transaction and lead to an effective sale.Raj Infosys  storefront’s featured tools help you to present the product content and reach out to your consumers through the product content.

Sell online easily – Manage Payment & Shipping

Raj Infosys integrated with most common payment solutions and also provide integrated shipping solution. With easy configuration of pricing, taxation, shipping prices and integration with multiple payment solutions, Raj Infosys enables a flexible experience for consumers and an easily manageable online store for you. Raj Infosys has one of the most flexible shipping and tax configuration system for online stores.


Promote your online store – SEO, SEM etc.

The Internet today is multidimensional and multifunctional and provides many ways to generate traffic to your online store and close the sale. Raj Infosys provides numerous tools built into the Raj Infosys Control Panel to help you do all of this. Raj Infosys include out of the box Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools that can help improve your online store’s ranking on search engines. Raj Infosys is also integrated with multiple affiliate channels to enable tracking of the success of your online marketing efforts.

User Engagement tools – Blogs, Social Media etc.

Raj Infosys provides array of tools to communicate with your consumers. You can create blogs with Raj Infosys Post module that helps you post blog entries and news items. You can enable your users to register and create exclusive member accounts for your store.Raj Infosys  also reports abandoned carts that provides you insight into “lost sales” and allows you to interactively engage with such consumers, generate custom orders & re-sell to them. Tools such as wish-lists, social bookmarking etc. further help you in interactively engaging with your target consumers.

Promotion campaigns – Discounts, Vouchers etc.

Raj Infosys has built-in rule based tools to create promotions such as cart promotions or catalog promotions that can help boost your average order size and drive repeat business. Additionally, Coupon/voucher discounts are a rage amongst the shoppers. Raj Infosys Voucher tools help you to create different types of vouchers or coupons and configure them creatively to influence consumers. Your promotions can in the form of flat discounts, percentage discounts, restricted to certain products, freebies etc.

Manage orders easily

Order fulfillment if one of the most important thing in ecommerce. Fast, efficient though simple to use process can make retailers live easier in day to day activities. Raj Infosys provides automation in dispatches as well as bulk upload processes to make fulfillment faster. You can get order dispatch notification through email and SMS, manage orders through their life-cycle – payment pending, stock pending, ready for shipping etc.


Get leads for online & offline sales

There are few customers who won’t buy online, add a product to their shopping cart or do not use user registration or wish-lists. It becomes a challange for you as a retailer to obtain their details & influence them to buy from you. Raj Infosys provides tools to capture leads for such customers & convert them to sales! You can capture leads through “Call for Actions” apart from “Buy Now”, such as “Get a call about this product”, or “Request for a demo” etc. You can manage these leads and also convert them offline. The converted leads can be closed by accepting payment online using the in-built order booking tool.

Manage sub-stores – For dealers & custom targets

Raj Infosys’s multiple store module enables businesses to tailor their online presence with multiple stores to be created for specific customers, partners, employees, brands, products, styles, seasonal ranges or geographies easily and cost-effectively. All these stores can inherit information like category, products and users from the central store based on the set of permissions and settings.