Get leads for online & offline sales

Get leads for online & offline sales

 94-percent of shoppers conduct research online before making an online purchase. Online shoppers are all the time looking for the product and services on search engines and social media. Once you deploy effective marketing strategy to divert the traffic of these interested customers to your online store, you will need to make sure that they buy from you or provide sufficient trail of their activities and their contact details so that you can follow them-up and close the sale.

 There are few customers who won’t add a product to cart or do not use registration and use wishlist. It becomes a challenge for you as a retailer to obtain their details and capture the information. This will then unfortunately account as lost-sales!

Call for Actions

With Raj Infosys you can device strategic “call for actions” and prompt these users to provide the contact details in un-obtrusive way. Few of the consumers will first request a demo or demand for more information of the product than is provided on the page. The “call for action” links can provide an option for these consumers to place a request for the same and as an outcome you will get information about your prospective customer to market it better

  • Capture leads through call for actions
  • Set of commonly used pre-defined call for actions
    • Ask for demo
    • Request a call
    • Reserve product
    • Ask for the stock availability
    • Request for price
  • Create a complete new “call for action” from scratch through an XML based form editor
  • A wide range of data entry controls and html elements like text box, check/tick boxes, radio box and drop down lists
  • Map the form fields to lead database fields
  • Define mandatory fields and data validation rules through regular expression
  • Place call for action link on the product page just near to “add to cart” button
  • Create a custom page to host the “call for action” with set of products as a target for the lea

Lead management

The lead captured through call for action widgets then further managed through the “Lead management” tool available right in your admin panel.

  • Inspect the leads arrived using the listing feature filtered with dates and source of lead/call for action
  • Check the lead details to find more about the lead originator contact and the target product or service for the lead
  • Manage the lead workflow through set of statuses
    • Pending
    • Imitated
    • Converted
    • Invalid or rejected
  • Log the communication with the contact while following the lead using conversation logger
  • Send e-mail and SMS communication to contact right through the lead details page.


Convert the lead to sale

The converted lead can be closed by accepting payment online using the order booking module. The order booking module provides you the opportunity to create an order from the admin panel and send a provisional invoice link to the customer. Customer can visit the link and then complete the order by paying online.