A set of account books represents a ‘company’ in Acceasy. Therefore, if you decide to maintain your personal accounts you would create a ‘company’. Many businesses do have more than one legal entity – and so will require multi-company support. All company data is stored in RDBMS Database which optimize consolidation of data from different companies

However, with multiple companies, several needs often arise beyond the mere facility to record transactions that need to be addressed,.

Principally, you would like to look at consolidated reports since these are often more meaningful to you than statutory reports of each company individually. You can therefore ‘group’ companies and have the reporting ability as if this were a ‘company’. You could also ‘group’ these on demand or as required. So Partner A, could group companies in which he is a partner (say Companies P, Q & R) and Partner B could have a group with Companies Q, R & Y.

With multiple companies, you would probably need to compare them to see relative figures. In Acceasy, we use industry best reporting tool, Crystal Report, with which consolidation and comparing data is quick and professional, and if you have basic understanding of database and crystal report you can create your own report and export it in excel, word, PDF etc.

Quiet often with multiple companies, the need arises to create the same ledgers & post transactions to more than one company. This can be accomplished with the click of a few keys – you save immense time by not having to re-enter data and avoid data entry errors.

Security: With multiple companies, possibly including personal accounts, you may need to control who gets access to which companies, and to do what. You can set up users, grant or deny access – and these are defined for each company.

Remote Access: we have option of manual import/export of data in XML format and synchronizing of database via ftp, auto email and Virtual Private Network (VPN).