On-Site & Remote Support

Raj Information Systems delivers your own fully-staffed IT department, without the high costs. Our all-inclusive Managed IT Support plan monitors your network 24/7. If onsite service is needed, we dispatch an engineer to your office. Our IT support contracts are designed to suit our customers’ needs, from small business start-ups to large, multiple-location organizations.

Raj Information Systems sets a new standard for friendly, reliable customer support, and provides a comprehensive solution that gives you the protection and assurance you require at a price you can afford. We strive to provide an exceptional customer experience, one in which we become a trusted adviser to our clients and bring innovative ideas and solutions that deliver value to them. Regardless of whether you have a simple question about our service, or have a highly technical issue, our security experts will help resolve your issue promptly.

We provide a full range of maintenance and support service options:

Remote Support
Remote support is convenient with immediate response times and affordable by eliminating the extra expenses of service calls. If you know that a fixed number of support hours will be required during the year, you can plan your expenses and receive the best hourly rates by contracting for as many hours as needed.

Our team of certified professionals is available during normal business hours to resolve system and service-related problems.

OnSite Support
In the event you experience network or service issues that cannot be resolved remotely, Raj Information Systems will send an experienced professional to provide on-site support.

Technical Training and eLearning
Remain up-to-date on IT regulatory changes and keep your staff current on technology changes, including the newest tools available to assist them in their day-to-day operations.

Our Promise of Support
At Raj Information Systems, we strive to build strong relationships with our clients and continuously seek to understand ways in which we can ensure the services we are providing are in alignment with your needs. We’re committed to providing the highest level of customer support across all of our offerings.

Raj Information Systems ensures satisfied customer. Raj Information Systems Support Department functions on general working hours, 6 days a week (subject to change with prior notice). Customers can avail the support on below procedure:

  1. Level 1: Contact Raj Information Systems Support department by emailing to support@rajinfoSys.net. The queries would be addressed by 2 working hours. This service is totally free for registered users of such product. Customer has to quote valid Customer ID belonging to him for such correspondences.
  2. Level 2: If you do not receive the reply to the email requests, you can also place a call on your local support number 65257875. Please quote your customer ID and earlier interactions made, if any.
  3. Level 3: If you need any extra assistance to resolve the issue, we would be using extra level of supporting system in below hierarchy.
  • Remote access: In case if your system is connected to internet, our support officer would request a connection to your system over the internet. This will have an authentication level from your end and will be passed through a secure connection. Over such access, the issue would be clarified / resolved.
  • Onsite Visits: Raj Information Systemssupport engineer can also make an onsite visit, in case any of other option remains failed. Note that, such visits may be on a chargeable basis. Onsite visit requests has to be raised at www.rajinfoSys.net.