Order Management

The Order Management module sets the standard for flexibility. Separate processes for order entry and billing gives you the ability to have one group responsible for posting shipments into the system and another group responsible for shipping to and invoicing the customer.

In addition to orders, you can prepare estimates for customer approval before the order is actually placed into the processing stream. When the estimate is approved it can be turned into an order with a few keystrokes. After allocating the inventory item and reducing the quantity available for sale, the module can produce reports based on Inventory data which tell you what items need to be purchased to fulfill outstanding orders. Picking tickets can be produced that give your warehouse personnel a clear picture of which items to pull and where they are. After the pulled items are posted as picked, the order is ready to be transferred to Billing for shipment and invoicing. If necessary, Order Entry can also generate Purchase Orders for drop shipments, thereby ensuring your customers get what they ordered. Service data, such as a problem description and resources assigned to the order, can be entered.

The credit security feature of Order Entry helps you monitor customers who have exceeded their assigned credit limit or are over a user-defined number of days past due. This allows you to catch possible credit risks before they become major headaches.

Key Features :

  1. An item’s quantity available is reduced as orders are entered
  2. Back order notices can be printed to keep your customers informed of the status of their orders
  3. Bar code scanners can be used to enter picked items
  4. Brief descriptions can be entered for service order data
  5. Can create purchase orders for drop ship orders
  6. Choose to update payments immediately or when the order is invoiced
  7. Customer’s outstanding balance and aging may be displayed during order entry
  8. Freight charges can be automatically calculated
  9. Inventory allocations controlled by user
  10. Inventory item status and availability can be reviewed
  11. One or several salespersons can be assigned to each order