The Payroll module brings a new level of flexibility to the payroll process. It can handle everything from the simplest to the most complex payroll applications. It can be used stand-alone or integrated with any of Acceasy business solution.

Pay can be computed for hourly, weekly, monthly for commissioned and contract employees. Deductions can be established for taxes as well as elective benefits. Deductions can be flat amounts or can be calculated through user-defined tables. Deduction tables for all taxes could be prepared in user defined format.

The module computes and tracks not only employee deductions, but also employer costs for worker’s compensation and employee benefits such as sick and vacation time.

Additional employee information may be retained, such as comments on promotions or probation, review instructions and any statements that are not part of the regular employee data. An unlimited amount of data can be entered for each employee.

KEY FEATURES (Module Independent) :

  1. Accommodates pre-tax deductions
  2. Accrued totals can print on checks
  3. Automatically prints checks and displays net balances
  4. Can post default pay and deductions for each employee automatically-you only post non-standard detail
  5. Can track direct deposits for up to 4 accounts per employee
  6. Checks can include a detailed stub with all deductions
  7. Checks may be voided
  8. Computes payroll for: hourly, weekly, monthly for commissioned, contract, tipped and salary/coefficient employees
  9. Handles employees who work in multiple state and/or localities
  10. Handles special bonus checks
  11. Maintains a complete employee history showing deductions, raises and activity status
  12. Pay and deductions can be distributed to an unlimited number of cost centers
  13. Payroll checks may be edited and taxes recalculated as many times as you wish prior to printing
  14. Powerful deduction table feature allows for practically any complex deduction calculation
  15. Prints worker’s compensation reports
  16. Sick and vacation pay can be accrued on a user-definable basis
  17. Supports daily, weekly, biweekly, bimonthly, monthly and annual pay periods