Promote your online store


Promote your online store

Setting up an online store is only the beginning of running your online retail business. The next obvious step for you would be is to advertise the store to bring in more visitors and then promote the services to convert them to active buyers. The marketing is not only about increasing the site visits but also about devising innovative ways to keep converting more and more shoppers into buyers and increase the ticket size of the transaction itself. The internet today is multidimensional and multifunctional and provides many ways to generate traffic to your online store and close the sale. Raj Infosys provides numerous tools right in the admin panel to help you do it

Search Engine Optimization

Raj Infosys include out of the box Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools that can help to improve your online store’s ranking on search engines like Google and Yahoo! The ranking of your site on the search engines depend on hundreds of parameters. Most important of them is the content and the mark-up structure of your page so that the crawlers find the content efficiently and can relate it to the keywords that your consumers would be searching for. Raj Infosys boasts several features to help you optimize your store for the search engines

  • Search-engine friendly page urls for category page, brand page, product page and posts
  • Use  of content heading tags (like H1…H6) to help crawlers read the section titles and create page ranks
  • Targeted and Customizable Title tag and meta properties like keyword and description
  • Image Alt-text with automated keywords from the related data held in catalogue and CMS database
  • Automatic site-map creation, required for search engine submissions
  • Redirect non WWW traffic to WWW url
  • Setup 301 redirects
  • Major CSS stylesheets and javascript libraries are separate from  on-page HTML mark-up

Interactive User Engagement tools

Having an effective dialog with the visitors and would be shoppers coming to your online store is vital to successful closure of sale. Internet at its core is the technology for communication and the online business which can leverage it for consumer-connect is going to be the winner over its competition in longer run. Raj Infosys provides array of tools to help you tap in-to these communication channels and start connecting with your consumers

  • Blogging is the best way to promote your website and Products to your consumers. As an online retailer it fundamentally acts as an online face of you and humanizes the communication itself. Your consumers will be always looking at you for the information which is impartial and availability of it increase his confidence on your merchandise. Raj Infosys Post  module help you post the blog entries and news items
  • Each post entry is represented as a separate discussion thread and your consumers can comment and reply on each thread to engage in effective communication
  • The checkout process on the Raj Infosys storefronts enable your user to register and create exclusive member accounts for your store
  • The member account of logged in user is automatically attached to different actions of the user and logs his usage in member profile DB
  • The data collected through the member accounts can be used for profiling the users and group them accordingly for creating customized promotions and voucher campaigns
  • An abandoned cart occurs when a shopper places something in their online shopping cart and then fails to make a purchase during that visit. Raj Infosys report of abandoned cart provides you insight into large part of these “lost” sales which can be recovered through the direct marketing and communication to these customers

Wish lists: convenience for your consumer and analytics for you

Not all visitors of your website will automatically turn into customers, so having an online wish list allows those people who do not make an initial purchase and wish to do it in the future. They already marked down everything they like and can easily go back to it later. An online wish list simply shows the user, what they have already picked out without having to go through the entire site again.

  • A visitor to your online store can add any number of items that caught his eye to a new or previous wish list. The “add to wish list” action link is available on the storefront in Products Details page.
  • Consumers can create multiple wish lists and manage them with ease as well organize them as per their needs, preferences, occasion, etc.
  • The wish lists are stored against customer account and are ready for the customer reference, to do any modifications and to place order.

Enhance traffic using the social bookmarking and sharing tools

With advent of social media and networking platforms most of the people are dependent on it to share their life and experience with the friends, families and colleagues. All the time they share links, photographs, videos and content with each other. Effective utilization of the sharing culture of social media can help you promote your site by sending direct traffic by producing links to your site. The small thing can become wild fire within short period due to the very viral nature of the medium itself.

  • Share this link help your user to bookmark or share the link to his favourite network or bookmarking site
  • E-mail a friend sends an e-mail consisting the link to the supplied e-mail id
  • Facebook Like lets people share the link with their friends.  The Like button on your product page will post a brief about the product to users News Feed with a link back to your website and generate steady stream of visitors from facebook

Use promotions to influence sales

The effective and creative promotions are one of the critical drivers for getting shoppers to buy more once they’re on your online store. Raj Infosys has built-in rule based tools to create these promotions than can help boost your average order size and drive repeat business. The promotions are classified typically on the basis of its function and presentation in Raj Infosys

A. Catalog Promotions

A catalog promotion grants all shoppers a discount on a specific product or set of products. Catalog promotions are always visible to shoppers, so the price they see while browsing the site is the price they pay at checkout time

B. Shopping Cart Promotions

Shopping cart promotions are used to encourage shoppers to increase their order size by providing incentives, such as free shipping on orders over a certain value or a discount on the product when you buy particular quantity of it e.g buy 2 and get 1 free. A shopping cart promotion grants a discount on a specific product or set of products to shoppers who meet certain conditions. Shopping cart promotions are only applied after all conditions are met.

The promotion editor provides rule configuration utilities to help you configure both these type of promotions effortlessly. The editor divides the configuration of rule in three different parts

  • Eligibility is used to decide whether the particular user account is eligible for a promotion e.g you can restrict a certain promotion to a set of users or user group only
  • Conditionis the set of criteria that determine, based on the current state of the shopping cart, whether a shopper is eligible for a promotion. E.g of possible conditions are
    • The cart must contain a particular number of a certain product or SKU
    • The cart subtotal is greater than a specific amount.
  • Actionsspecify what benefits are granted by a promotion. Examples of actions are:
    • Free shipping on particular or all of the shipping modes
    • Discounts on specific products
    • Buy one get one free

Vouchers – Discount, Gift etc.

All over the world, the coupon/voucher discounts are rage amongst the shoppers to the scale that most of them has committed sale only because they have a coupon. It’s also known that the consumers who use a coupon spend almost twice as much compared to when they don’t have one. The amount based vouchers can also be used as gift voucher and can be sent to anybody to be used. Raj Infosys voucher module helps you to create different type of vouchers and configure them creatively as per the campaign needs

  • Create percentage based of absolute value campaign
  • Specify the start and end dates for the campaign. The vouchers created for the campaign are valid for the specified dates only.
  • Associate the voucher to particular categories or SKUs so as to target the particular stock to be restricted for the discount
  • Convert a code to a private voucher code by allocating it to set of users or groups to restrict the usage only to the allocated members
  • Use “voucher usage per user” to exersise the limit for the number of usage per user
  • Use minimum cart amount limit to restrict usage of voucher when the order amount is lesser than the limit configured