Sales Management

The primary goal of any commercial entity is to grow profitably by maximizing sales. Earning customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty is only possible when customers get fast responses for price offers and ordered goods are delivered promptly. Quotes and sales orders enable the vital coordination of activities between your sales people, warehouses and plants, shipping and accounting teams. Execution of these tasks facilitates efficient management of accounts, shipping, invoicing and commissions.

Acceasy sales management module improves both the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales and services. It ensures that customers are serviced fast, orders are efficiently processed and accurate, timely order fulfillment, while maximizing sales through instant access to information about stock availability, prices and possible substitutions. It has the features to produce accurate estimates, streamline your quote-to-cash cycle, calculate reliable estimates and improve customer service. By streamlining the sales process, centralizing access to products, pricing, pipeline, and customer information, orders can be processed with a minimal number of steps. Efficient customer service results in increased sales productivity, through accuracy during the request for quotation and order process stage.

Key Features :

  1. A variety of flexible pricing models are included standard and an unlimited number of user defined pricing models can be created.
  2. All transactions entered in the system are available for review at any time, and performance of the system is not affected by number of transactions.
  3. Allows substitution of alternate stock items
  4. Applies freight, service and miscellaneous charges
  5. Automatically fills in most fields based on setting in customer and product files.
  6. Can key in one-time ship to address.
  7. Can record inventory items, non-inventory items, and miscellaneous charges.
  8. Can see customer’s aging and account details before order is processed.
  9. Can set option to automatically place orders on hold if customer exceeds credit limit.
  10. Checks on current availability, prices, substitutes, etc. during order entry
  11. Create sales quotations which can be converted to a sales order or invoice with one click.
  12. Create straight invoice directly without using sales order or create invoices automatically from sales orders as goods are shipped or services are performed.
  13. Has the facility to create standard orders and copy details from one order to another
  14. Maximizes profits with profit margin checking and powerful pricing tools
  15. Provides instant look up windows to find data quickly so customers can be served professionally and efficiently
  16. Quick entry quotes allow for quotations on-the-fly which can be converted to an order
  17. Real time credit limit checking occurs at time of entry can place orders automatically on-hold. Additional credit limit checking can occur at time of invoicing.
  18. Sales commission amounts can be based on user defined rules such as combination of customer, item, item classification, and salesperson. Commission can also be based on the entire invoice amount.