Client / Server Based Development

Raj Information Systems Pvt. Limited is an application development firm in India that offers client server application development and also provides client server programming and client server system solution.

An application or system that accesses a remote service to another is known as server by way of network. This is normally used for running devices which are not capable of performing by their own programs but do interact with remote computers through network.

Client/Server Development tools are one of the rapidly growing sectors in software industry. As per the researches, it has been predicted that over 90% of new applications are going to be based on Client Server model.

Functions like web access, database access and email exchanges are built on the client-server model. This is one of the vital ideas of network computing and many business applications are using this model. The client-server model retains only two hosts, i.e., clients and servers. Client side includes web browsers, email clients and chat clients while the server side consists of web servers, FTP servers, mail servers, terminal servers, print servers, database servers and application servers.

Client server programming is used on internet, where a user can connect to services operating on remote system through the internet protocol suite. Web browsers are clients which connect to web servers displaying you web pages on your computer.

The difference between Client and Server can be noticed and traced easily because it is just a matter of marketing strategy.  The Server contains more operating systems and components, which allows more logins at same time. Client server application is based on graphical user interfaces. The Client may contain more end user software, server access data in commercials relational databases.

While building a Client Server base you need programs such as power builder, Visual Basic etc, as they most commonly used due to their ease of usage and supporting RAD (Rapid Application Development).These are meticulously merged in client/server in such a way that they start functioning and interacting independently as a program.

Raj Information Systems provides you all the services related to client/server based development and let you access to remote desktop of your users for marketing your products.

Our Client/Server Based Development Services include:

  • Client server development
  • Client server application development
  • Client server software development
  • Client server architecture development
  • Client server development India